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About multiple sclerosis, and the ReMuS registry

Multiple sclerosis is a serious neurological disease that affects more than 700 people, mostly young people, in the Czech Republic every year. Although the disease is treatable with various drugs, it is not yet possible to cure the patient completely. In order to improve the treatment approach in the long term, it is essential to have a large amount of knowledge and reliable data. That is why the ReMuS registry was founded in 2013 to collect this data on the course of the disease and its treatment and to contribute to making multiple sclerosis a curable disease one day.

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ReMuS for people with MS

Are you interested in the field of multiple sclerosis and the ReMuS registry?

10th Anniversary Concert for ReMuS

Thank you for joining us in celebrating a decade of the registry with a benefit concert performed by Kateřina Marie Tichá & Bandjeez and guests in the beautiful refectory of Emmaus Abbey. 

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21. Jedličkovy likvorologické a neuroimunologické dny

Tradiční prostor pro setkání odborných neurologů nese jméno prof. Pavla Jedličky, průkopníka na poli léčby demyelinizačních onemocnění. Na 21. sympoziu vystoupí vedle mnoha českých odborných špiček také dva mimořádní zahraniční hosté – prof. Roland Martin ze Švýcarska a Dr. Eva Strijbis from the Netherlands. You can register to participate directly here.


JD mitochondrie

5th Workshop ReMuS

On Friday 3 November, the 5th workshop for clinicians, nurses and registry administrators from all MS sites in the Czech Republic took place. In the Hermitage Hotel in Prague, the topics of safety monitoring using the system MedDRA, ongoing projects and activities ahead, plus new unique research opportunities were discussed.
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ReMuS for researchers

Newsletter registru ReMuS

Příležitostně Vám budeme zasílat novinky z oblasti výzkumu roztroušené sklerózy a registru ReMuS formou digitálního newsletteru.