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ReMuS Registry Team

Jiří Drahota, ředitel registru ReMuS

Ing. Jiří Drahota
Director of the ReMuS registry

Jiří joined our team in October 2019 and since then he has been a key player in coordinating international research projects. His multidisciplinary approach combines science, technology, and business, allowing him to identify and refine details that might have escaped attention. Jiří is the guarantor of quality and precision in our registry. When he's not in the office, he's usually exploring foreign countries.

prof. MUDr. 
Dana Horáková, Ph.D.
Scientific Guarantor

Dana is one of the pillars of the ReMuS registry, where she is a physician, manager and scientific guarantor. Her multidisciplinary skills and tireless commitment are key to the success and growth of our project. In addition to her professional focus, Dana is also an active university lecturer and leader of several scientific projects. Nevertheless, she always finds time for her two passions - sport and family.

Kateřina Hlisnikovská
Office Manager

Kateřina is an indispensable force in the ReMuS registry, known for her diligence, systematic approach and passion for the cause. Her ability to effectively tackle even complex tasks makes her a key member of our team. In addition, her workspace exemplifies organization and aesthetics. In her spare time, Katerina is culturally active and enjoys attending concerts and organizing small festivals. For relaxation, she prefers hiking in the Beskydy or Jeseníky mountains.

Mgr. Jana Vojáčková

Mgr. Jana Vojáčková, MBA
Strategy Consultant

Jana, the former director of the ReMuS project, has been the driving force behind the registry since its inception. Her ability to set things in motion and strategically manage the team is invaluable. She has served as a strategic consultant since July 2021, where she continues to provide valuable insight and direction. Her reliability and support of the team continues to be key. She is currently recovering in the countryside and with her family.

Ing. et Ing. 
Aneta Mazouchová, Ph.D.
Statistician of the ReMuS registry

Aneta, is responsible for the statistical data analysis that is the basis of our registry. She navigates the complex world of statistical indicators with precision and commitment to provide reliable answers to questions from clinicians, researchers and other health and social care professionals. In addition to her role on the registry team, she is also a passionate educator who passes on her knowledge to students at the college. In her spare time, she finds balance in Moravia with her family.

Ing. Gregor Fištravec
Data Manager of the ReMuS registry

When we were looking for reinforcements in the field of data analysis, data management and data science in general, we finally turned to international waters and Gregor joined the ReMuS family from Maribor, Slovenia. Always optimistic, incredibly hard-working and with an extraordinary insight in the field of artificial intelligence. And when he's not in the office, you can be sure he's either exploring the beauty of the Czech Republic or enjoying the comfort of his home with his cat friends and family.

Mgr. Zdeněk Telička
IT Administration

Zdenek is a key member of our registry, where he brings a unique combination of optimism and expertise. His commitment to each project is not only passionate but also strategic. With a wealth of work experience, he effectively contributes to our success, especially with his ability to find innovative and cost-effective solutions. In his spare time, he is known as a foodie and patriot, and is always ready to recommend quality gastronomic experiences, whether in Ostrava, Prague or Brno, where he also supports local winemakers.

More than 100 clinicians, nurses and administrators of the ReMuS registry in 15 MS centres in the Czech Republic

Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady

Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze

Fakultní nemocnice v Motole

Fakultní Thomayerova nemocnice

Nemocnice Teplice, Krajská zdravotní, a.s.

Fakultní nemocnice Plzeň

Nemocnice České Budějovice, a.s.

Nemocnice Jihlava

Pardubická nemocnice, Nemocnice Pardubického kraje

Fakultní nemocnice Hradec Králové

Fakultní nemocnice Olomouc

Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava

Krajská nemocnice Tomáše Bati

Fakultní nemocnice u sv. Anny v Brně

Fakultní nemocnice Brno

However, the backbone of the entire registry is more than 100 colleagues across the Czech Republic, where clinicians, nurses and administrators tirelessly enter data into the ReMuS registry every day.

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