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Key documents of the ReMuS Registry

Annual Reports

Informed Consent

The core documents that define the scope and possibilities of the ReMuS registry are the Informed Consent and the Information on Informed Consent.

The Czech version is available on the Czech website.

Consents of Ethics Committees

From the first moments of the ReMuS registry, it was crucial to meet all the necessary ethical parameters of the research. The patient's interests are defended by a specially appointed ethics committee in each of the participating hospitals. The Statements of Consent of all fifteen committees can be found in the ZIP archive.

Annual data report from the ReMuS registry

The most recent data as of 31st December 2023 available in the annual report here.

The core dataset in the register is processed in an anonymised form in a central database based as of the last day of June and December. The summary analysis takes the form of a final report as of that date.

We currently publish an annual analysis every May on the occasion of World Multiple Sclerosis Day.

Newsletter registru ReMuS

Příležitostně Vám budeme zasílat novinky z oblasti výzkumu roztroušené sklerózy a registru ReMuS formou digitálního newsletteru.